Does Having a 1300 Number Affect Web Design & Conversions?

A 1300 number is an effective number needed for telecommunication between the company and the customers. It is different from the 1800 numbers and the 13 numbers, as the cost of the calls is shared between the company and the customers. These are effective in gaining a wider and greater approach to the customers. You will definitely get a boost in your business when you avail these services. They also have an effect on the web design of a company. When you have a website, you need to reach out to the audience in a bigger and better way.

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1300 Number Means A Wider Market Reach
When you have a 1300 number, it means a wider market reach. You have to design the website in a compatible way so that you are able to reach out to a wider audience. When you have the greater exposure, you will be able to make the better use of the websites. The 1300 numbers make the marketing strategy effective. This has an impact on the website as well. In case you have an e-commerce website, you will have to design the website in a compatible manner. After all, the website has to be upgraded when you want to expand the business with the help of a 1300 number.
The overall design of the website is determined by the 1300 number. There are different colours used on the website, and when you use the numbers, you need to make a change in the overall design if the website as well. 
There are effective impacts on the conversions as well when you use these numbers. In case you are selling a product, you need to have the compatibility online. This has a bearing on the web design and the options available on the website. For instance, there are options like ‘Buy now’ in many if the websites, and as a result of the numbers, you need to incorporate these changes in the website. When you have the right designs for the website, you can boost up the conversions. 
Tracking The Conversions
When you have the conversions in the websites, you also need to have other options to track the conversions. These are effective in giving you an estimate of how effective the numbers have been. You need to keep a record on the tracking and conversions. You will find this important when you analyse the expense of the business.
About Us Page
You can us use the 1300 number in the About us page as well, and when you do so, you need to keep an option to call the number. These are more effective in mobile web designs. When you use these numbers, you need to make a change in the web design as well. Thus, the 1300 number has an important effect on the web design of a company.
You will find the numbers extremely useful when it comes to the expense of a business and this effect the web designs as well.

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