Is there an Update in Google Algorithm in June 2016?

Everything needs some modifications. The worlds are changing rapidly and without changing and updating, nothing can cope with the time. Google is the most important part of our lives. It is our friend, our problem solver. Of course, it needs to be improved and updated to meet our day to day requirements. Many times, there are updates felt my users in the algorithm of Google and once again there are reasons to believe that the Google algorithm has been updated again. These updates are felt to the SEOs of all the places in the world, including Africa, Germany, and Sunshine Coast SEO These updates have surely brought good changes for the users.
When Were The Updates Felt?
There are many users that think that the Google algorithm has been updated at the start of June 2016. They have experienced some changes to the content of the websites. There are certain dates on which the change was experienced. June 1, 8, 21 and 28 have shown considerable changes in the algorithm. The updates were applied at the start of June, and the volatility was further felt in the later dates. The whole month of June is considered as the Google algorithm modification month.
What Were The Updates? Find out more about Websites That Sell on Facebook
Google has been facing the problem of quality of website contents. There were many websites which were not offering quality content but were rated higher in SEO. The new modification has resolved this issue. The updated algorithm is targeting the websites with content issues. The website with poor content quality, user experience issues and an overabundance of advertising, etc.

are being down rated by google. On the other hand, the websites with good, interesting and unique content are rated up as a reward by the modified algorithm. This update is similar to the features on google panda. The google panda has also shown significant changes. 
Evidence That Prove The Theory and Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace
Websites have experienced drastic changes in their rating on google search engine. Here are some of the evidence on which this theory is based on:
Sponsored Links
The websites that were showing the link thumbnails to sponsored contents were rated down in the search. They lost their 3rd or 4th rank and are even not on the front page. Google hammered them down
Abundance Of Adds
The websites that were having more ads than content, those were disliked by google and the new algorithm found it embarrassing to rate them on top. The websites having two third of ad and the rest is some information, experienced significant fall in their rating. 
General Information
The websites that offered generic content for a topic also experienced a fall in their search ratings. The new algorithm didn’t appreciate that the information that is provided can also be found on some other website, so it downrated it.
It is evident from the above discussion that the google has experienced some updates and changes in its algorithm. The facts tell that a new Panda modification is experienced once again. It is for the quality maintenance of even Sunshine Coast SEO.

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